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Mental Health

Dealing with Mental Illness is difficult no matter what the circumstances. The law surrounding this area is specialised and often viewed as extremely complicated. Here at Cygnet we aim to make the law as easy to understand as possible to ensure patients, their families or carers are given the correct care and treatment.

We can assist in a wide range of matters from advising a patient or nearest relative of their rights under a section all the way through to representation at a Mental Health Review Tribunal. In addition to this we have a high level of expertise within Court of Protection proceedings dealing with issues of Capacity and decisions made in Best Interests, which may lead to a dispute within the family.

Our knowledgeable and approachable team are available at any time to discuss concerns of patients and their families and we are able to arrange a visit to hospital or other location when attendance at the office isn’t possible. We have the benefit of a legal aid agency contract and therefore often our services can be provided free of charge.

Cygnet law mental health