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There is no way any of us can predict whether we may encounter a loss of mental or physical capacity. Unfortunately, these situations can occur at any time and bring with them difficult situations and decisions. This is when having a lasting power of attorney in place can be life-changing. Our specialist lasting power of attorney solicitors can advise you if an LPA is the right path and assist you with the whole legal process.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?
A lasting power of attorney or LPA is a legal document that enables you to allow someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf. These can be financial, legal or more personal decisions regarding your welfare. You can stipulate when they can make decisions and guide them to make decisions you are comfortable with.

There are two types of LPA that our solicitors can implement for clients.

Property and Financial Affairs – This LPA will allow your appointed individual to access and manage your finances.

Health and Welfare – This LPA will allow your appointed individual to make decisions regarding your personal care and welfare.

Power Of Attorney

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that even though you are married or in a civil partnership, this does not mean that your partner will be able to handle your affairs. Without an LPA in place, they will not be able to make decisions regarding your finances or healthcare.

A lasting power of attorney can only be appointed whilst you are of sound mind and have the mental capacity to do so.

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LPA Info Sheet

Benefits of Lasting Power of Attorney

Our LPA solicitors will assist your chosen attorney with what their role entails and what they can and cannot do on your behalf. You get to choose who makes decisions about your situation. As you can opt for someone you really trust, you can be confident that they will act in your best interests. It’s not something any of us want to think about, but if your situation changes for the worse, your family will already be feeling the strain. So putting an LPA in place can take some of the stress away from them, as they are able to make key decisions.

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