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Peter Medd

Job Role at Cygnet Law

Peter Medd has dedicated his career to family law for over three decades. Peter was, and still is, the driving force behind Cygnet Law, establishing the firm back in 2001.

Peter has always been hands-on when it comes to his clients; he is passionate and always aims to succeed, no matter the case. This is why you will often see Peter in court hearings and the advice panels, day-to-day.

Despite being the Managing Director at Cygnet Law, Peter has always kept sight of why he chose to go into the profession, something which has been emphasised throughout his long and fruitful career.

Awards & Qualifications

Throughout his extensive career, Peter Medd has been instrumental in spearheading the delivery of children's services across the North East region.

Not only does Peter have a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the Children's Act and is an active member of the Children Panel, but he is also recognised nationally as one of the leading specialists in matters regarding adoption.

Peter’s Interests

As an avid lover of the Great Outdoors, Peter enjoys everything that the beautiful scenery of the North East has to offer. If he isn't in the office, then you can almost guarantee you will find him strolling along one of the North's most picturesque beaches.

And if you can't find him there, then you're almost sure to find him jetting off to visit one of his four grandchildren in Amsterdam or Bordeaux!

Peter Medd

Peter Medd

Founder | Solicitor