Arrangements For Children

No matter your situation, we can support you in making any necessary arrangements for your children which provide the best results. There are a number of circumstances where arrangements need organising, such as when parents divorce or separate. For example, if neither party can agree on the arrangements for their children, you may need to go to court.

There are a number of agreements you might need to make when it comes to child arrangements like how often they see both parties, how contact is made, where your children will be living and more.

Child Arrangement Orders

Child Arrangement Orders

A Child Arrangements Order is a legal order where the court decides either where a child will live, or who a child can spend time with and for how long. The order is used to legally set a child’s living situation for their best interests. This order is beneficial if agreements can’t be made informally, especially in instances where a child’s parents are divorced or separated.

When the court is deciding whether to grant a Child Arrangements Order, the child’s welfare is its primary consideration. It has to follow the ‘welfare checklist’, which includes the child’s wishes and feelings, their needs and the likely effect on the child of any change in circumstances.

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How We Can Help You

Our family solicitors can provide legal agreements and documents to ultimately come to any necessary arrangements for your children for the court.

Cygnet Law regularly assists grandparents in looking for Child Arrangements Orders regarding contact with a grandchild they have lost contact with. We also offer advice to grandparents whose grandchildren have been taken into care or when social services have become involved.

Arrangements For Children

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