Public Law & Child Protection Solicitors

Our specialist family law and child protection solicitors based in Redcar and East Cleveland have extensive experience with representing parents and children in welfare situations. 

Our team of solicitors empathise with how distressing the involvement of public services such as social services can be. At Cygnet Law, our aim is to support you with proceedings and resolve issues positively, both for the children and caregivers. The children involved in the situation are always our priority, to ensure they receive the best care and support.

The Public Law Children Team is a broad and diverse team of child protection solicitors, committed to providing expert advice and representation in all circumstances in which public authorities may be involved in the lives of children.

We are a knowledgeable team of family solicitors with decades of experience in children’s law. Our team is led by solicitors on the Law Society Children Panel and includes barristers, Chartered Legal Executives, Legal Assistants and support staff.

Child Protection, Safeguarding and Care Proceedings

Local Authorities have duties to investigate circumstances when a child in its area may be suffering harm through neglect or abuse. If it suspects that this may be the case, it can take actions including:

  • Holding a child protection conference and establishing a “child protection plan” of actions for individuals and professionals to take, to help keep a child safe and address any concerns.
  • Bringing proceedings before the court (“care proceedings”) in order for decisions to be made about whether the child has suffered or is likely to suffer harm, and what the arrangements for the child’s care and contact should be.

Our public law team offer advice and representation throughout the processes, which may include:

  • Initial assessments (“s.17 assessments and s.47 enquiries”).
  • Advice and representation through child protection enquiries (including attendance at child protection conferences).
  • Advice and representation in circumstances where a Local Authority is considering bringing court proceedings (where a Local Authority has issued a ‘letter before proceedings’ or ‘PLO letter’).
  • Advice and representation in court proceedings in the Family Court and High Court, such as care proceedings, applications for emergency protection orders, recovery orders or secure accommodation orders.

Examples of when advice and representation may be needed include:

  • When you are a parent of the child.
  • When you are a child’s relative or a family friend who either is caring for, or has been asked to care for a child.
  • When you have been invited to ‘intervene’ in proceedings.

Whatever the processes you are confronting, and however daunting they may be, our team of family solicitors are committed to providing the support to help get you through.


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