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The Difference Between ‘Clare’s Law’ and ‘Sarah’s Law’

Clare’s Law and Sarah’s Law are both pieces of legislation aimed at protecting individuals from harm, particularly in the context of domestic abuse and child protection, but they serve different purposes in different jurisdictions. Clare’s...

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Addressing Social Inequalities – A Call to Action for Children in Care

The North – South Divide A report recently published by Health Equity North on behalf of the Child of the North All-Party Parliamentary Group has highlighted the disproportionate number of children living in care in...

Celebrating 10 Years Of The Marriage (same Sex Couples) Act.

A Decade of Love: Celebrating 10 Years of The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act.

Love knows no boundaries, and a decade ago, significant steps were taken towards recognising and celebrating that truth. This week as we commemorate the 10th anniversary of legalising same sex marriage, we look at the...

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The Court of Appeal grants father’s appeal against refusal to grant him party status in care proceedings.

Case Digest S (A Child) [2023] EWCA Civ 706 The Court of Appeal was handed down judgement in which a biological father without parental responsibility appealed against the decision that refused his application to be...

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Cafcass – ‘Taking me seriously: letting you know how we help’

Working with over 140,000 children annually whose future is decided by the family courts, Cafcass provides a service that prioritises their safety, their voices, and their needs. A new video launched by Cafcass highlights how...

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Stages of Care Proceedings

Care proceedings commence when the Local Authority (social services) feel that a child is not safe in the care of a parent or guardian without the oversight of the professionals or that they could be...

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Considering the Ethnicity of children in care and supervision proceedings in England

The Nuffield FJO has issued its ‘Briefing Paper: Ethnicity of children in care and supervision proceedings in England’. Our Head of Public Law, Stacey Phoenix has been considering some of the highlights of the report...

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Legal Aid funding available for Special Guardianship Order Applications

Following a £6m additional investment by the government, extended family members and friends will be able to access legal aid in relation to Special Guardianship Orders. What are Special Guardianship Orders? A Special Guardianship Order...

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Home selling guide

Cygnet Law’s conveyancing executive, Theresa Taylor, shares her expert insight.  Once they have accepted an offer on their property, most homeowners dream of a no-fuss, efficient sale, but it’s not always that simple. Even without...

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Legal age of marriage

As of the 27th February 2023, the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2022 which received Royal Assent in April of last year, is now in full force and effect in England and Wales....

What is a Care Order?

What is a Care Order

WHAT IS A CARE ORDER A care order is an order that the Local Authority can apply for which allows them parental responsibility in respect of a child. Many parents do not realise they do...

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Common questions asked by a parent in care proceedings

Tracy Smith, trainee legal executive has prepared answers to the most common questions asked in care proceedings. What happens during proceedings? Proceedings are issued by the Local Authority when they make an application to the...