Deputyship Applications

We know how devastating it can be for a loved one to be deemed to lack mental capacity. For many, this means they are no longer able to make decisions concerning their lives for themselves.

If this, sadly, becomes a reality for you and your family, you may need to apply for a deputyship.


Understanding Deputyships

There are many circumstances which might require you to undertake a deputyship. People may lack mental capacity due to dementia, severe learning disabilities, or serious brain injuries or illnesses, amongst other health-related issues.

When you become a deputy, you will be granted permission by the Court of Protection to make decisions on your loved one's behalf. It is important to note that there are two types of deputyships: a Property and Financial Affairs deputy and a Personal Welfare deputy.

If you undertake the role of Property and Financial Affairs deputy, you will be responsible for paying that person's bills, organising their pension, maintaining their living arrangements, and other money-related duties.

Additionally, if you become a Personal Welfare deputy, you will be responsible for decisions relating to that person's medical treatment and how that person is looked after.

When applying to become a deputy, you must choose one or both positions. If, or when, you are appointed deputy by the courts, you will receive a court order relaying what you can and cannot do in this new role.

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How We Can Help You

If this is the route you wish to take for the welfare of your loved one, then our specialist team of wills and probate solicitors are always on hand to provide you with all the information you will need to make these decisions for your family member. Cygnet Law will always be here to support you, no matter the issue.

Deputyship Applications

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