Financial Provisions

One of the most complex situations couples can find themselves in when going through divorce and separation is resolving financial issues. This doesn’t need to be a reality though. We have the expertise and support to assist with such difficulties.

Financial Provisions

Understanding Financial Provisions

If you find there’s no resolve with finances between you and your ex-partner, there are thankfully ways to work through it with various options to rely on.

We offer experience and support in financial matters, whether you’re going through divorce or separation. For divorce, you have either financial provision or clean break orders to settle finances, with the former including property transfer/division of equity, pension sharing orders, ongoing maintenance for a number of years if appropriate to the specific circumstances. And the latter ending the financial relationship between you and your partner. Despite this, we will guide you through everything you need to know, as financial complexities aren’t the easiest to overcome on your own.

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What You Need To Know

Financial settlements within divorce have no fixed solutions, they’re all tailored to the situation with you and your ex-partner. Some of the things that will be taken into account include:

How long you’ve been married.
Your age.
Your financial requirements.
Any monetary contributions you’ve already made or you have committed to for the future.
Your income and financial resources, including your property.
Any potential losses made when going through with a divorce.

Our specialist divorce solicitors are also experienced in representing clients post-proceedings, should it be necessary to enforce an order or revisit a periodical payment.

If all this overwhelms you, don’t worry our expert divorce solicitors will support you through every step of the journey.


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