Honour Based Violence & Forced Marriage

All forms of Honour-Based Violence (HBV) are strictly illegal within England and Wales. Our solicitors are trained to take a compassionate and determined approach when representing victims, or potential victims, who have been forced into marriages or suffered from HBV in court.

Honour Based Violence & Forced Marriage

Understanding Honour-Based Violence and Forced Marriage

Honour-based violence is defined as a collection of practices which are used as a means to control the behaviour of families and social groups. This is in order to protect the perceived cultural and religious beliefs and honour.

Such abuse and violence can occur when the perpetrators believe that the victim has brought shame upon their family or community by breaking their honour code.

Additionally, everyone has the fundamental human right to choose who they marry, when they marry, and if they even want to be married at all. As advised by Government guidelines, forced marriage is defined as facing physical, emotional, and psychological pressure to marry.

This could include threats, sexual violence, physical violence, or being made to feel as though you have brought shame on your family.

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Honour Based Violence & Forced Marriage

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