Step Parent Adoption

There are many reasons why people want to consider step-parent adoption, typically due to a change in relationships and family environments. In some circumstances, new partners become a part of a family and want to have parental responsibility for stepchildren.

Step-Parent adoption allows for full parental rights and responsibilities as if a person was their full biological parent to step-children.

Step Parent Adoption

Parental Responsibility Agreements

Parental responsibility agreements enable a person to have full rights over a child in law. Some parental responsibility examples include having the right over a child’s medical care and day to day decisions and care. Additionally, parental responsibility agreements include other important decisions relating to a child such as:

The registration of a child’s name.
Where the child will go to school.

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The Step-By-Step Process

Embarking on the path of step-parent adoption might seem overwhelming at first, but we're here to simplify it for you:

1. Initial Consultation

Schedule a consultation with our adoption experts.
Discuss your specific circumstances and goals.
Get a clear understanding of the legal requirements in your jurisdiction.

2. Documentation and Petition

We'll help you gather the necessary documentation.
Prepare the step-parent adoption petition.
File the petition with the court.

3. Home Study

Participate in a home study, if required by your state.
Ensure your home provides a safe and loving environment for your stepchild.

4. Legal Proceedings

Attend court hearings as necessary.
Our legal team will represent you and advocate for your adoption.

5. Finalization

Celebrate the finalization of your step-parent adoption.
Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your family is legally united.

Step Parent Adoption

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