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Graham Johnson

Job Role at Cygnet Law

Graham currently holds the position of a dedicated and experienced Legal Cost Draftsman. In this role, he plays a crucial part in managing legal aid billing, cost drafting, and providing expert advice on funding issues, especially in family law matters. His responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of legal aid billing, preparing detailed cost drafts for various legal cases, handling Court of Protection cases, Asylum matters, and Inter-party bills, and working closely with legal teams and external firms to ensure smooth billing processes. Graham meticulously maintains accurate records and documentation related to billing, cost drafting, and funding issues while staying updated on changes in legal aid regulations and procedures.

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Graham has a wide range of hobbies that keep him busy and fulfilled. He loves staying active by running and cycling, which also lets him enjoy the great outdoors. Graham is a big fan of the Boro, even if they struggle at times. He also has a creative side, playing the guitar and getting into music production, where he can express himself without diving into numbers. On top of this, Graham enjoys woodturning, a craft that allows him to make beautiful objects from wood and shows that he has great attention to detail. Each of these hobbies shows a different side of Graham, from his love of sports and music to his appreciation for craftsmanship.

Graham Johnson

Graham Johnson

Costs Draftsman