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Samantha Bearpark

Job Role at Cygnet Law

Samantha Bearpark officially began her employment with Cygnet Law in January 2021. As an integral part of our Family Law department, Samantha has worked incredibly hard to reach her current position of Chartered Legal Executive, for which she qualified in June 2022.

Samantha has a keen interest in Public Law. She has become an experienced advocate with a
wealth of knowledge in representing Local Authorities, parents, grandparents, and other family members within pre-proceedings and throughout the court process.

Additionally, Samantha has also taken a keen interest in representing Local Authorities in care proceedings.

Awards & Qualifications

Following her previous education and work experience, Samantha decided to pursue her Bachelor of Law degree at university. Through three years of hard work and dedication, Samantha graduated with her degree in 2014.

Shortly after graduating, Samantha chose to specialise in the family law sector and thereafter embarked on her studies with CILEX with the view to becoming a Chartered Legal Executive.

Samantha completed her academic qualifications in 2021, and following joining Cygnet Law, Samantha went on to obtain her Fellow status with CILEX in June 2022 and officially qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive.

In 2023, Samantha was nominated for the Rising Star award at the Northern Law Awards.

Samantha's Interests

When Samantha isn't working hard on a new case in the office, she is out and about enjoying the great outdoors. Samantha loves to explore new and exciting places, and you can almost always guarantee that her beloved dog will be tagging along for the adventure.

Samantha Bearpark

Samantha Bearpark

Chartered Legal Executive