Cygnet Law commits to support victims of domestic violence with free legal advice

Posted on: May 9th, 2017

Redcar-based Cygnet Law has committed to continue to provide pro-bono support for victims of domestic violence in Tees Valley.

Cygnet Law has already donated around 50 hours of its time this year at the fortnightly drop-in surgeries at EVA Women’s Aid, which cover subjects ranging from domestic violence to contact and separation issues, or any other family legal matters on which EVA clients require information. It has pledged to continue these workshop until at least the end of this year.

If required, Cygnet can refer Eva clients to other local support services, or begin legal arrangements for non-molestation orders, or any other legal proceedings.

Steph Bellerby, a Legal Assistant at Cygnet Law is one of those who gives her time at EVA, said: “Cygnet Law is proud to support victims of domestic violence. We hope that, through donating our time and expertise, we can help make a positive difference to the lives of those who are suffering.

“Victims of domestic abuse often feel that they are trapped and isolated, so having a safe place they can visit to gain support from both EVA and ourselves is really important.”

Richinda Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at EVA Women’s Aid, said: “The support of Cygnet Law provides EVA with an additional service, which means we are able to offer invaluable legal provision to the vulnerable women who turn to us for help. Often taking legal steps is the first step towards turning their lives around.”

Drop in surgeries at EVA Women’s Aid, 86 High Street, Redcar, run from 10am – 4pm fortnightly. Upcoming confirmed dates are 20 April, 16 May, 10 June and 26 June.

If you are victim, or potential victim, of domestic violence, or have serious concerns that someone you know may be at risk, please contact EVA on 01642 490677, or Cygnet Law on 01642 777680.

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