Posted on: January 25th, 2016

Redcar-based Cygnet Law has questioned the reasoning behind ‘Divorce Day’ being highlighted in January.

The first working Monday of the new year has been designated ‘Divorce Day’, by some in the legal industry with claims it is the day of the year people are mostly like to enquire about a divorce. It also is said that as many as one in five couples contact a divorce lawyer on this day.

However, Cygnet believes the rise of this as a marketing tactic could lead to law firms not meeting the real requirements of their clients following a marriage breakdown.

Cygnet’s records show that it receives the most divorce enquiries during September and October. This is when the summer holidays – a time when children are off school and parents do not want to upset the family balance – are over.

John Robinson, a divorce solicitor at Cygnet Law, which specialises in family law, mental health, conveyancing and wills and probate, said: “Divorce and marriage difficulties are very serious and upsetting for anyone involved, therefore should not be part of any kind of marketing gimmick.

“Divorce rates are on the rise and while relationships can break up at any time for a number of reasons, we have found that there is a peak in September and October.

“Here at Cygnet we have a strong sense of community and believe in treating our clients with the upmost respect during the challenging times of divorce.

“We believe that the focus should be on supporting clients as they face the financial and emotional trauma of a marital breakdown.”

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